ctually this is work in progress to bring the battles of mighty armies like in Warhammer or Fantay Warriors into a VASSAL module. You can come back from time to time to have a look at the actual status of the module.

o be able to play an army battle with troops in rank and file formation needs some specialization of the formidable VASSAL engine. The custom code is available below. Anbody is free to use it. The module draft is free for any usage too. Feel free to do your own scenarios/battles/setups as VASSAL allows you to customize anything!

ownloads (v0.6):
Source, example mod and bin release (requires VASSAL 3.1.14)
Have a look at the readme file for instructions, and feel free to do whatever you want with it.

ny bug reports or feature requests are appreciated. Join us on the VASSAL forum or the gw-fanworld.com forum
esolved (v0.2):
-grouping and ungrouping of game piece counters
-rotation of whole groups of counters
-arbitrary pivot with displaying the distance pivoted
-basic troop counter as prove of concept

esolved (v0.3):
-adaption to beta4 code only

esolved (v0.4):
-fixed rotation around center of group

esolved (v0.5):
-updated to VASSAL 3.1.5 code

esolved (v0.6):
-synchronization fixed
-updated to VASSAL 3.1.14 code
-reports for rotation distance or degrees